The only application contains a lot information about WoW characters, leaderboards in one place

Character info

Learn all about the WoW characters, like equipped items, talents, pvp info, Raider.IOiiii stats, etc.

World Leaderboards

Retail Mythic Plus and raid leaderboard, classic levelling and raid leaderboard.

Wowhheadiii Guides

Organized guides for World of Warcrafti retail or classic, like leveling guide, profession guide, and many more.



Find your friends and famous characters and add them to your favorite list.


Search WoW characters by region, realm and character name and add them to your favorite list.

My Characters

Login with your Battle.net account to view all your characters and a lot of info about them.

Download WoWBuddy

WoWBuddy is World of Warcraftii fan application which provides extremely useful information for players. The only application contains a lot of information about WoW characters in one place.

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